Peace. Light. Love

Four years ago, my life changed more than I thought possible. Today is a day to celebrate! 
Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

When we were young, 

we hardly heard it.

We almost denied 

the clock’s existence. 
If you’ve ever had a face-off,

a locked stare down,

with a demon,

the volume gets turned up.

The ticking 

becomes deafening.

Louder than 

you thought possible. 

No one knows 

when their clock 


We all try to see

the future.

Science sometimes 

gives us a crystal ball –

a forever fluid,


slice of time.

Is it the right one? 

Do we stare into it,

or do we give it a hard drop kick? 

When is enough? 
The warrior inside of me

is brave and courageous. 

Standing next to her 

is a little girl 

who wants to hide

under the covers.



they navigate 

my climb 

over the mountains,

my walk 

through the forest.




Lifestyle changes.

Pulling myself

out of the quicksand muck.

Stepping back into my life.
The clock fades

into the background. 

While it can still be heard,

I am able concentrate 

on other pursuits. 
The five year mark

looming in the distance.


it is








All occupying the same space.

Living in a parallel moment.

Sharing an identical voice.

In the same breath.


As one.
Getting TO this race ribbon

is not the finish line.

Getting BEYOND it is.

The years 

in the rearview mirror

are the sought-after 

I am not 

out of the woods.

I never will be.

The demon’s dark shadow

is always lurking.

The woods 

have become my home.

I have no other option.
The trees 

have become 

my friends.

Sheltering me 

from the high winds.

Giving me shade 

when the sun’s 

burning my skin.

Opening to the sky

when I need warmth.

Rustling leaves

humming a sweet lullaby.
I am poised 

with them.

Our roots 

are intertwining.
My trail is winding.


I skip. Meander. Hike. Crawl. Climb. Soar.

The saplings

dance with me

along the way.
Every day counts.

Every moment matters. 



I am Happy. Healthy. Strong.

I am Peace. Light. Love.

That’s all I know.

It’s all I need to know. 




Move forward.


Nancy L. Baskin Michlin

December 1 – 7, 2015

Poem #402

Dedicated: BCI Test 

Year 4



My Bravado Is Back! 

I have owned it.
I’ve identified with it.
I am Proud.
And I Celebrate.

In parallel,
there are still times
it almost seems like
it happened to a different person.
A universe on a lateral plane.

I see myself on a video screen…
It does not look like me.
It doesn’t feel like me.
It feels like someone
totally separate from me.

Sometimes I wonder,
who is this woman
who looks back at me?
I am proud of her.
I am in awe of her.
I am amazed
she is me.

She stands
before humanity,
completely exposed.

Openly sharing the scars
that burned her soul.
Displaying the indelible
Purple Heart
slashed across her chest.
The remnants of
relentless mutilation.

Where was the turn?
When was the shift?
There was a time,
she could barely
have her husband look upon her.
Even the mirror
was her foe.
Now she’s poised
before the world to behold.

She. Me. Her. I.
broke through a protective barrier,
without even knowing it,
until stepping through the debris.
Brick by brick,
the Dividing Wall
melted away.
Almost imperceivable.

The Phoenix has risen,
soaring through
the majestic sky,
over the mountaintops,
to new heights,
and a breathtaking view!
Panoramic landscapes.

No more hiding.
Like a long lost friend,
my bravado is back!

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin
May 14 – 16, 2015
Poem #396
STRIPPED: Deconstructed + Reconstructed


Targeted Butterfly Effect

Butterflies fluttering
in my psyche.
Morphing into
Creating a monsoon.
Flashing lights.
Orange cones.
Struggling to direct
their flight line.
my intention
into the wind.
a targeted
Butterfly Effect.
And then —
Let. It. Go.

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.

April 27, 2015
Poem #395

Targeted Butterfly Effect

Multidimensional Inner Prowess

When one goes through a gigantic, life-altering experience, it has the power to redefine oneself. Yet, do we want to be defined by ONE experience? Even one that has changed our lives and ourselves forevermore?

I can say unequivocally that I do not. It is a slippery slope. It is easy to go down that road and not realize it until you’re already unpacking at a destination you did not plot on your map in the first place.

So how do we go through a Quantum Evolution without the experience delineating our totality, pushing everything else into the shadows? How do we redefine ourselves, without THE experience being THE singular defining factor? Without THE experience becoming THE ONLY face people see?

We need to remember who we ARE. It is because of who we ARE that we were able to plunge forward and put the experience in its place. It is because of our multidimensional inner prowess, we were able to emerge on the other side of the sierras and chasms in victory.

We need return to our preexistent magnificence and reappear stronger and more powerful than conceived possible by our anterior viewfinder. Our courage and vitality elevate us as a Phoenix, soaring through the majestic sky. Our voices harmonize a more euphonic pitch and sweeter melody than ever before.

It is not the experience which defines me. It is ME that defines the experience.

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C
September 29, 2013

Busting Out 4 Life!

Yesterday’s Race For The Cure Fort Worth was a wonderful event.  One of the reasons the Race was enjoyable was because I knew fellow Survivors!  When I when I participated in the Dallas Race last October, while I had friends and family with me on my team, I did not know any other survivors there.  Yesterday, instead of being in a sea of pink and not knowing anyone during the Survivor events; this time, there were lots of friends cheering and smiling with me!  What a difference that makes! Yesterday and every day is a celebration for each of us and all of us — individually and as one!

Of course, a special call out goes to my team, BUSTING OUT 4 LIFE! You all ROCK!

Busting Out 4 Life!

Busting Out 4 Life!

1 Year and 4 Months!

1 Year and 4 Months!

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.

I Will Survive!

Oh what an incredible story! At a concert last weekend, the band, LeFreak, was auctioning off the vest for a donation to the Susan Komen fund. The man who won the bid paid $120. The friend I was with told him that we were two breast cancer survivors. He pulled us with him to the stage. Next thing we knew, Kelli and I were on stage, singing and dancing with the band to one of my favorite power songs “I Will Survive.” The man who won the bid, gave the vest to me and told Kelli and me that we were both heroes!

I Will Survive!

The Auctioned Vest!

We Will Survive!

We Will Survive!

Survivor Profile on Susan Komen’s Site

My survivor profile on the Susan Komen Greater Fort Worth site.

Click on photo to redirect to the Komen site.

Komen Site Survivor Profile

I was given the opportunity to tell my story in a video on the Komen Greater Fort Worth YouTube Channel as well.

In the following video, I share more of my story.  It gives critical details that were edited out of the others.  Please set aside nine minutes to learn more about my journey, and my thoughts on staying cancer-free for life!