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Dietary Chioces

So many people have made selective dietary choices these days — some are due to allergies, some are due to political beliefs, some are due to digestive issues, some are a choice for good health, and some are due to chronic conditions where food choices are critical. Whichever the reason, it is a challenge when you have restricted yourself in food choices, especially when you eat at someone else’s home and at restaurants.

When you eat out, you need to dine at places who will accommodate your needs. Most often, the wait staff do not know the ingredients in their meals. It requires them running back and forth to the kitchen or having the chef come to your table. Restaurants who prepare their meals in advance are far more difficult. It is easier for accommodation when they will make a dish with your specifications. We eat out a great deal, and there are only a handful of restaurants who will (or can) accommodate my needs.

When you go to somebody’s home, you don’t want to offend the hosts. At the same time, you need to remain true to your lifestyle choices. In so doing, it’s very helpful when you know what’s being served, so you can plan ahead. It is quite a challenge if you go some place and find that there is nothing for you to eat.

If you know that someone has a restricted diet and you have invited him/her to your home for a meal, he/she will be so appreciative if you let him/her know what you are serving in advance. Then, he/she will be able to plan ahead and supplement the meal if needed.

Please know, telling someone that you are “making a salad” does not give enough information. There variable items in a salad, as well as salad dressing, which may or may not be on his/her approved food list. Just because it is a “salad” does not mean it will meet that person’s restrictions. Not to mention, often times people need more then a salad for a meal.

With my dietary restrictions I do not expect anybody to accommodate my needs. All I ask is to know what’s being served in advance so I can plan ahead. When I eat at friends’ homes, usually I bring a dish or two to share so I can be assured I will have food to eat.

I am writing this to, hopefully, give a little awareness to those who do not have any dietary restrictions. We don’t enjoy being a “high maintenance diner.” It is a challenge, sometimes a real struggle, to stay true to one’s food choices.

Uterine Surgery & Bone Density Update

Night before surgery thoughts: Tonight I ponder. I have never felt so alive and vibrant! Tomorrow, I go under the knife…once again. I feel so strong and healthy. It is amazing to me that there is a beast inside of me that needs to be slain. The music of Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines rocks my soul. I am strong. I feel great. The counter balance of the yin and yang. It is the treatment tomorrow which will bring me down; yet not for long. I will survive! I am alive and vibrant! Nothing can stop me!
Yesterday’s surgery was successful. The Uterine Polypectomy went smoothly. The only surprise was the three polyps seen on the ultrasound were actually one big polyp. Remove that bad boy…check! The original biopsy showed it was benign, so I am assuming the post-op pathology report will confirm those findings.

There was one hitch in the surgery. When she went to perform the ablation, the machine she uses did not work. No one likes to hear about equipment malfunctions while they are on the operating table. Luckily, I was under the deep blanket of anesthesia. I was none the wiser until post-op. She was still able to do the ablation. They had to revert back to older methods. As long as it was successful, I am a happy camper.

Recovery has been easy. No pain. No cramps. Just some minor discomfort and grogginess from the anesthesia. I have some exercise restrictions for the next couple of weeks as not to hemorrhage.

More health news. I had my bone density checked. It has been a year since I was diagnosed with osteopenia and a year on tamoxifen (which has a known side-effect of bone density loss). As reported on past posts, I am not on any of the drugs prescribed for osteopenia/osteoporosis. I have done a lot of research on them, and the risks are far greater than the benefits. I won’t put those drugs in my body. I have chosen a natural route for bone building.

I eat lots of leafy greens for calcium and take a calcium supplement. I have been walking (now jogging) regularly for a year and a half, and I jumped up my game when we joined the gym. I have been focusing on weight bearing exercises for about eight months. Turns out, muscle is built much faster than bone density. The improvement was not as significant as I was expecting, yet there was an improvement! On my vertebrae, I had two-tenths greater density and one-tenth on my hips. Since I’m on a drug which depletes bone density, I’m happy with any gain I get!

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.

Obesity & Breast Cancer

More and more articles are confirming what I’ve been shouting out four the last almost 1.5 years! Read on to see why I’ve changed my diet and exercise regularly. You too can use nutrition and exercise to better your health!

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Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Recurrence Risk!

This is why I exercise six days a week!!
“Dr. Andrea Cheville of the Mayo Clinic said exercise offers significant benefits for cancer patients. She cited in particular a 2005 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association which found that breast cancer patients who walked briskly for three hours a week had an almost 50-percent reduction in their risk of breast cancer recurrence.

“That’s honestly as good as any drug we have,” Cheville said.
Read article here:
Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Recurrence Risk!

My Modeling Debut!

What a wonderful event! Cancer Survivors took to the cat walk to raise funds for a great cause: Cuisine For Healing, a non-profit organization which provides nutritious meals for cancer patients. I was one of the models and had a blast! I got up on stage, walked the runway, shook my hips, and cheered in celebration of life!

Survivors In Style, Cuisine For Healing's Annual Fundraising Event!

Survivors In Style, Cuisine For Healing’s Annual Fundraising Event!

A night of culinary delights and fashion! Click on image to buy tickets!

A night of culinary delights and fashion!

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.

My Story Hits The News Again!

Co-Owner of Fort Worth Chiropractic Clinic Beats Breast Cancer, Inspires Others to be Healthy

FORT WORTH, Texas, April 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nancy Michlin, who owns Back to Health Family Chiropractic with her husband, Fort Worth chiropractor Dr. Chris Michlin, is using her successful battle against breast cancer to inspire others to prevent illness or thrive in spite of it. Michlin, Co-Owner, Marketing/Patient Education Director, and Office Manager for Back to Health Family Chiropractic, is also a Certified Health Coach.

She draws on her own health challenges to empower others to take control of their personal well-being. Michlin’s story has been featured on CBS 11 News as well as the Medical City Dallas’s Next Chapter and the Susan G. Komen Fort Worth websites. Her three videos can be viewed on the media page of her blog:

Nancy Michlin did not set out to become a cancer activist, but she quickly became one after being diagnosed with breast cancer, surviving two separate mastectomies and battling against Pseudomonas, a serious infection contracted during her first mastectomy which caused four additional surgeries.

Today, Michlin is writing a book about her journey and working to educate, inspire, and empower others about disease prevention and whole body health and wellness. She has recently completed coursework to become a Certified Health Coach.

“Preventing disease is far easier than curing it,” said Michlin. “My mission is to educate and empower others to make healthy life choices, so they can prevent disease or triumph and flourish in spite of it. If I can help someone avoid this journey or hold her hand while she walks it, my expedition was worthwhile.”

Michlin received her diagnosis following a routine mammogram. The ductal carcinoma diagnosis necessitated a single mastectomy. Following the mastectomy, the post-surgical pathology report showed invasive lobular carcinoma, a “stealth” cancer that was not seen on any of the pre-surgery imaging. Not knowing if her right breast was cancer-free, Michlin’s doctors recommended an additional mastectomy.

Michlin is now cancer free; although she continues to have higher than desirable cancer stem cell count in her blood work.

“I am focused on whole body health,” says Michlin. “I exercise five to seven days each week, eat cancer-fighting foods, take Tamoxifen every day, get Vitamin C and Aloe Vera IVs weekly, take supplements, and practice stress reduction techniques.”

Michlin says that she overcame her diagnosis through inner strength. She also credits her husband, Fort Worth chiropractor Dr. Chris Michlin, and her surgical team, Dr. Alison Laidley and Dr. Patrick Hodges, for helping her get to the other side of the mountain range.
“I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle,” says Michlin. “After my cancer diagnosis, I completely transformed my life, which has helped me to become a happier, healthier, and stronger person.”

Michlin works with her husband at their Fort Worth chiropractic clinic, Back to Health Family Chiropractic, where she educates patients on the pillars on good health.

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