How does one wrap herself up in a pretty paragraph? There are so many aspects of each one of us, how does one pick what would most appropriately “define” her? I could write about where I’m from, where I live now, and where I’ve been. I could discuss my education, my talents, and my passions. For this venue, the defining piece is that I am a survivor! I have more inner strength than I ever realized. My view of the world is full of bright sunshine. I am ME. You are YOU. Together we are ONE. Let’s celebrate the glory of our world together. Walk with me!

To learn more about my breast cancer journey, go to my survivor profile, Flying Angels, at the following link: https://nancymichlin.com/flying-angels-survivor-profile/

You can also view three different videos on my media page: https://nancymichlin.com/media/


4 thoughts on “About

  1. To God be the Glory! You are a survivor, a woman with unlimited strength and truly blessed. I enjoyed reading your Bio and yes we are “ONE.” I look forward to reading your blog. =)

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