My Birthday Musings

My husband has pointed out to me, what I’ll call, The Perils of Math. While most people would think that as I turn 49 today, I am beginning the last year of my 40s, ramping up upon my fifth decade. Almost ten years ago, on my 40th birthday, my dear, sweet husband realized that on that day, I was actually entering my fifth decade, not my fourth. Lovely, right? Just what someone wants to hear as she celebrates her 40th!

With that thought, I realize that today actually marks the completion of 49 years, and tomorrow will be the first day of my 50s. Darn math!

The other day at the gym, first thing in the morning, the elliptical machine started poking fun at me. It asked me my age…then my weight. I mean really! I may see these machines multiple times a week, but we are not even on a first name basis! Yet they still have the gall to ask such personal questions! And their memory is awful! They ask me BOTH questions EVERY TIME I’M THERE!

As I complete my 49th year (thank you for the math correction, Chris ), I am in wonder of it all! Time flies by. It is an illusion. In my mind’s eye, 49 is still way off in the distance, only to be seen with a telescope — not drug store readers!!

When Chris corrected my math nine years ago, I had no idea what my 40s would bring. No crystal ball to see what was written on the pages yet to be turned. I look I back at who I was then, the road I’ve walked and the mountain I’ve scaled, and look into the eyes of who I am now. I am filled with such great joy and gratitude. Nancy Version 2.0! I’m happier, healthier, stronger, and wiser than I’ve ever been!

Bring on the the 50s! Take THAT, you elliptical machines! I don’t care whose math is used, what year I’m in, how we slice it or dice it, I’m just thrilled to be here to celebrate my birthday and EVERY day that follows!


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