Hope. Faith. Belief.

Hope. Faith. Belief.

Medical Community.

They all want us
to believe
we are winning
the war on cancer.

On the outside,
looking in,
one might think it’s true.
Yet on the battlefield,
one realizes
it is all
The iron curtain is

My doctor is one of the best.
Even with her expertise,
the most basic questions
still get answered with
“I don’t know.”
“There is no test to determine that.”
“We don’t have the technology.”
“We don’t know why this drug
works on some,
but not others;
and we certainly don’t know
which side of the equation
you will fall.”

It’s all a guessing game.
You get what works
on most,
most of time;
or on some,
some of the time.

When formulating
your Action Plan,
dive into the statistics.
One would think
would be conclusive,
yet a case can be made
on either side,
for anything.

Remove all
the smoke and mirrors,
behind the camouflage,
there is one truth
which is absolute.
How do you know
if you are cured of cancer?
When you die of something else…..
or if it comes back.

If you take off
the blindfold,
all that remains is

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.
August 24-25, 2014
Poem #389


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