The Same, Yet Completely Different!

The Same, Yet Completely Different!

Two years ago today,
my life was saved!
I became
a breast cancer Survivor.

Little did I know then,
this day
would be one to celebrate.
Without a diagnosis,
a demon was silently
suffocating me.

The words
which felt like daggers
ripping through my soul,
were actually angels
flying in to rescue me!

When the announcement
shattered the airwaves,
my world came crashing
down upon me,
plunging me
into a darkness
I’ve never known before.

Despair and Fear
became my full-time companions.
They followed me
They barged into my head
and ranted on

Their voices devoured
my every thought.
Nothing could
their relentless

Somewhere along
the Trinity Trails,
my inner terrain
A shift

My spirit inverted.
Squirmed away
from those masqueraded comrades.

I ascended
to the other side
and befriended
They became
my beloved playmates!

They held my hand
as I turned my back on the abyss
and skipped toward the radiant,
panoramic landscape.

My heart overflowed
with the beat
of the Phoenix and the Dove.
Entirely encompassed.
static wailing
from the inside out.

Their sweet voices
chanted in harmonious unison.
Composing a symphony
which mended
my broken wings,
elevated me,
and gave me the strength
to take flight.

In these last two years,
I traveled to places
I never thought I’d have go.
I marshaled qualities
I never knew I had.
I scaled mountains
and crawled out
of seemingly bottomless,
and oh so very bleak,

I have been to the edge
of the world and back.
Helter Skelter
Purple Hearts
slashed across my chest.

I battled a demon
and returned transformed.
I left ordinary and burdened
and come back
empowered and invigorated.

In the midst of combat,
I went through a metamorphosis.
Darkness and Light.
Twilight and Eclipse.
Expansive and Exuberant.
Vivid and Brilliant.
A Total Color Spectrum.
I was reconstructed.

A Quantum Evolution transpired.
I’ve become someone
I never knew
I could be!
I see with different eyes.
I feel with a rejuvenated heart.
My mind is remolded.
I am the same,
yet completely different!

Before the demon
tried to take residence
inside my body,
I thought
I had my life’s work figured out.
I thought
my path was forged
and firmly mapped out.
Enduring warfare
revolutionized my spirit.

Scattered across
the depths of combat,
I realized
my thoroughfare
was really a foundation in disguise –
navigating and preparing me
for a path upon which
I never thought I’d step.

The jigsaw puzzle
descended into place.
My undeniable purpose
was revealed to me,
paraded before my eyes,
at the exact moment
I was meant to know.

Billboards in the sky.
Flashing, neon lights.
Flare guns.
Exploding fireworks.
Signs everywhere.
The message was luminous.
Pitch perfect a cappella.
Absorbed and reverberating.
Drenching every cell of my being.
Full-blown saturation.

I was meant to have face-off
with the demon.
I was supposed to cross swords
and come out on the other side
Only then,
would I be equip
to walk the path
designed for me.

The rest of my life
is devoted
to empowering others
to live healthy lifestyles
for disease prevention
or triumphing and flourishing
in spite of it!

This is all beyond me.
I am a sparking conduit.
Singing the lyrics
the heavens
are whispering
straight into my heart.
A drop in the ocean.
A delicate snowflake.
yet all that matters.

The Universe
Inside out.
Outside in.
– Undivided.
One Breath.
Absolute Abundance
my entire being.

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.
December 11 – 16, 2013
Poem #382


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