Ray of Light

A friend of a friend, whom I never met, called me because she got diagnosed with breast cancer today. As soon as she identified herself, she became a breast sister.  I am honored and humbled that she chose to talk with me on her day of diagnosis. While right now this is the worst day of her life, one day, this will be a day to celebrate. As difficult as it is for her to imagine a celebration to mark the raw desperation she currently feels, I know it will happen. Today, she became a survivor. Today, she became a conqueror. Today, her life was saved!

The very first question she asked me was, “If you could change anything that you did for your treatment plan, what would it be?” I can honestly say, “Nothing! Not a single thing!” I wholeheartedly believe that everything I have chosen was exactly the right path for me. It is important for every Cancer Conqueror to get that that point.

Focus on what you can control, and let go of all the rest. Make the most confusing, difficult, and  life-altering decisions you’ve ever had to make, and know they are the right ones for you. You may have to close your eyes.  Jump.  Believe!  Freefall. Trust! Part of the power of our treatment plan lies in our complete certainty and conviction! Make each step on your path with total confidence!

Less than two years ago, I was in her shoes. I wish I had the Me of Today to talk to then. I am privileged to share in that moment with others. I am so close, yet so far, from that point in my life. The magnifying glass and the telescope share the same field of optics. The line was drawn in the sand. I was changed forevermore. Darkness and Light. Twilight and Eclipse. Combusting. Alchemy. Expansive and Abundant. Vivid and Brilliant. A Total Color Spectrum. I am Recreated. Quantum Evaluation. If I can offer even a small ray of light for others to hold on to as they step through their darkest time, my mission is being met.

Nancy L. Baskin, M.Ed., C.H.C.


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