The Body’s Magnificence!

As I enter Day 4 post-surgery, I am once again amazed at the body’s ability to heal. Everyday, simple tasks (that we all take for granted) were impossible for me to accomplish on Day 1. Yet on Day 2, with effort, some of those tasks became attainable. Every few hours, I can feel and see a difference in my mobility.

My pain has now subsided to discomfort. (Of course, with healing, comes the incessant itching that cannot be scratched!! Ugh!!) Never did I think I would be where I am in the healing cycle at this stage! I am WOWED by the magnificence of the body!

My agenda for the day: Heal, Baby, Heal! I also have a field trip planned. Off to Dr. Hodges, I go! Big thanks to Sam for offering to be my driver. I am hoping the drains will be removed!

Today is a beautiful day for healing!




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