The Phoenix

I just bought this great Survivor necklace, Phoenix Heart. It is an absolutely perfect symbol for me. Last year I wrote about Lexi (my left breast) being The Phoenix. To recap, in May of 2012, because of a deadly infection, Lexi’s expander had to be removed. She temporarily became Level. I was left flat-chested and deformed on one side. On LUCKY Friday, July 13th, the Scarecrow Stuffing was burned; and Lexi, the Phoenix, rose from the ashes!!

Each in their own special way, Lexi and Rylee have both risen from the ashes. Seven times! In the wake, of what I hope to be, their very last surgery, The Phoenix Heart is a perfect gift for the girls, as they soar through the majestic sky, over the mountaintops, to new heights, and a breathtaking view!




Buy a Phoenix Heart here.

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.


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