VERY BENIGN! Night Demons!

Post-op pathology results from the Polypectomy are in…….Benign! VERY BENIGN! No evidence of any cancer! Good thing too – the polyp was so big that my surgeon had to take it out in pieces. Ugh! Yay team!!! GREAT NEWS!!!

For those who want more information on endometrial ablations, please read on. As mentioned in the last post, the method she wanted to use had an equipment malfunction. She used an older, but equally as effective instrument, Rollerball Ablation. It is like a steam roller removing the thin layer of endometrial tissue.Last night, after I posted a poem on my blog, I noticed that one of my readers had found my blog by doing a search on abdominal weight gain caused from ablations. “What? Weight gain is a side effect of the procedure I just had done?! No way! I did not sign up for that!”

While of course, there was a vanity factor which came into play (“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…”), yet the largest concern was my health.  All fat is not created equal.  Belly fat is the most harmful fat on our bodies.  Additionally, there is more and more mounting research which shows an increased risk for the first incidence of breast cancer and recurrences based upon weight.  Fat produces estrogen, and the cancer I had fed off of estrogen.  As you can imagine, I don’t want to provide any cancer food. Not now!  Not ever!

So of course, I did the same Google search to see what I would see. First off, let me tell you, medical Internet searches are best done in light of day. Sometimes our clarity leaves us late at night, especially if what we read hits on our fears. It is hard to put the demons to rest when we want to get our rest! It’s best if we leave those Night Demons alone and surf at a different time than right before bed!

Now that I’ve laid that caveat, let me continue. Yes, last night right before bed, there were two fears struck, one much larger than the other. I’ll dispel the lesser of the two evils first. Endometrial ablations do not cause weight gain. The logical, scientific, light-of-day Nancy knew that. It was the Night Demon scratching at the walls of my mind, yelling very loudly in my head, which was trying to convince me otherwise.

The lining removed is non-hormonal. It is the same lining which gets sloughed off every month. It does not affect hormones or weight gain. The only correlation which might be made is that the majority of women opting for the procedure are doing so right before menopause. It is the hormonal imbalance of menopause, not the ablation, which can cause abdominal weight gain. Of course, a proper diet and regular exercise can help keep those pounds at bay.

Now, let’s address the larger fear. Dr. Oz said that anyone who has a high risk of endometrial cancer should not get an ablation, because it makes endometrial cancer harder to detect. Since a side effect of tamoxifen is endometrial cancer, albeit only a 1-5% increased risk, you can bet the Night Demon was shrieking this time!

If you want to read his article, here’s the website:

As with the weight gain, I discussed it with my doctor. She has heard that claim as well. First off, she said removing the endometrial lining reduces the cancer risk, because the lining which can become cancerous is removed. A colleague of hers researched this very topic. The conclusion was the cancer risk is lower and the detection rate is not affected. The review doctors concurred with the findings. Additionally, we will still regularly monitor me. Finger on the pulse, every step of the way!

There you have it. Draw your own conclusions. I drew mine, with far better clarity and much prettier pictures when I was not in bed trying to sleep! I am passing on the research I have done to help others walk their own path, in whatever direction is best for them.

Now I shall sleep well tonight. Good night all.Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.


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