Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Recurrence Risk!

This is why I exercise six days a week!!
“Dr. Andrea Cheville of the Mayo Clinic said exercise offers significant benefits for cancer patients. She cited in particular a 2005 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association which found that breast cancer patients who walked briskly for three hours a week had an almost 50-percent reduction in their risk of breast cancer recurrence.

“That’s honestly as good as any drug we have,” Cheville said.
Read article here:
Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Recurrence Risk!


2 thoughts on “Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Recurrence Risk!

  1. Guys I know about this statistic which would be big news if it was a mainstream drug. 50% survival benefit if you exercise. I hope recent survivors take heed. I am 5 years out and even have a huge trampoline in my garden where I exercise furiously. I am the furiouscuriouscancer survivor…naturally.

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