Panoramic Optics

Panoramic Optics

I am a cancer survivor.
Nothing can ever
dent that armor.
Everything else pales
in comparison.

There are those
who don’t get it.
Playing power games
with a jurisdiction
they don’t have.

Hold your sticks in place.
No one wants her mask to slip.
I have my brave heart,
duct taped to my sleeve.
They are masquerading in
the clothing of a sheep,
camouflaging the wolves
they’ve become,
or always were.

Their viewfinder
is a microscope,
magnifying each minuscule action,
throwing judgments through the air,
as deadly as poisonous darts.

My shield is in place.
As my body and soul
build in strength and wisdom,
apoptosis is occurring
inside and out.
Destructive cells
beyond my skin
are as equally venomous.

My inner spirit
is unscathed,
It cannot be harmed.
I am a cancer survivor.
Hear me roar!

I have seen
the mountaintop.
I had to crawl, climb, and dig
to get around, over, and through it.
Unless you have scaled the sierras,
you have not seen the Big Picture.

The view is
Simply stunning.
Stunningly simple.

The insignificant details
wash away.
Stones of understanding
and gratitude
left in their wake.

My vision is clear.
Smoke and mirrors
have been removed.
Vivid colors remain.
My scope
is beyond
the naked eye.
Wide angle,
panoramic optics.
what has been there
all along.

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.
June 15 – 22
Poem #378


3 thoughts on “Panoramic Optics

  1. Inspiringly strong! Beautifully written!
    I am tired, my arm hurts, my knees are giving, I have bills to pay and no money, however you have put superfluous thought in a bag and dumped it into the recycling. thank you!!

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