Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Yesterday, I saw two “friends” who had ousted me from their group. It was the first time that we’ve seen each other since I had been expelled. They wanted to catch up and acted as if nothing had happened. The real kicker was when they left, each of them said how good it was seeing me. They know and I know what they did to me. Yet, directly to my face, they act as if nothing was amiss; and as if their names weren’t engraved on the knives in my back. I never realized how blatantly two-faced some people can be.

I’m learning oh so much going through this incident. Some of the lessons are ones I would have preferred not to learn. Yet learn them, I must. For all the years they had been the friends I thought we were, I had no idea they were actually wolves in sheep’s clothing.

For more detail  on the story, you can visit two other notes I’ve written.


Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.2013-06-13 08.40.03


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