Sloughing Off Old Skin

Of all the significant things I’ve lost to breast cancer, never did I think I would lose friends.  Recently, I had a group of friends who turned their back on me. Of course, at this point I have to use the word “friends” in quotes. While it’s very difficult being rejected, I have to have faith that it was for the best. I am not doubting myself; I am not beating myself up; I am proud to be who I am!  I am thrilled with who I’ve become!

Of course, I bear some responsibility from the situation; and I want to learn all the lessons I meant to from it. At the same time, in my heart, I know, I am the best version of me I’ve ever been. The last year and a half has been a quantum evolution for me! Version 2.0! As I shed old habits, previous versions of Me are outgrown and sloughed off.  As learn to live in my new skin, as much as it saddens me, I guess some “friends” also get sloughed off in the process. I suppose, it is a natural part of evolution.

***For further thoughts on the subject, read the poem I posted on May 23rd, Living In My New Skin***

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.

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2013-05-28 08.45.45


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