Living In My New Skin

Living In My New Skin

behind my back.
Masks in place.
I had no idea.
Smiles masquerading
the truth.
Blind sighted.

An attack was forged.
Unbeknownst to me.
Trust and Friendships
were the casualties.
My heart has been
stomped upon,
left wreathing on the ground.

Eight daggers protruding.
Separate names
engraved upon each blade.
Yet one set
of fingerprints remains.
The other voices
cannot be discerned
Hidden ventriloquism.
Veiled puppetry.

Passion bred contempt.
As I move forward
in my Quantum Evolution,
old habits are shed.
Previous versions of Me
are outgrown
and sloughed off.

As I learn how to live
in my new skin,
I don’t expect anyone else
to be my seamstress.
Yet I certainly thought
those whose hands
have held my heart
would let me know
if a tag was sticking out,
instead of ripping
my new garment into shreds.
Throwing the scraps of fabric
into a blazing fire.

Stories shared.
Secrets told.
Hearts merged.
Double faces surface.
Hands holding hands
are now hurdling boulders.
A wall was erected.
Casting me out.
The hands that held me up,
are now shoving me
into a cavernous abyss.
Tearing a hole
deep inside my heart.

I will not crumble.
The adult stands tall,
cradling the little girl,
who’s trembling on the inside.
Tears and Inner Strength
become the epoxy,
to repair the entrenched slashes,
scorching my heart.

To release these tattered pages
into the blowing wind,
my voice must be heard.
The waves crashing
through my veins
are pounding harder
than a stormy ocean turf,
as I wrestle
with the Send Button.
My courage,
proudly waving its wings,
thrusts me forward.

As painful as it is,
I must Let Go.
Move on.
Climb over,
and through
that mountain range.
Lighten my spirit.
Discard all the baggage
that does not support
my journey.
Continue my flight.
Keep soaring,
higher and higher,
through the majestic sky.

This too shall pass.
Barreling through
the pain.
A stronger version
of myself,
I will become.

They will not douse
the flames of my soul.
My inferno will continue
to burn vibrantly,
upon an elevated summit,
as a guiding beacon,
through the darkest
and the best of times.
Offering Hope!
All I am!
For all to see!

Nancy L. Baskin Michlin, M.Ed., C.H.C.
May 20 – 22 & 28, 2013
Poem #377

Letting Go!


5 thoughts on “Living In My New Skin

  1. Your post was very deep. There will be people who walk out of your life because they simply to not understand you and your change and it’s ok. It means there is more room for real people to walk in. It hurts at times but when you let go and let God…he will make everything alright.

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